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School Hallway Lesson Plan Grades 4-5-6

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"Safe, Responsible and Respectful Hallway Behavior"

Your own school safety lesson plan and activity sheets

Children in Grades 4-6 spend an increasing amount of time individually in the halls, although most hall time is still spent traveling as part of a class group. This lesson touches mainly on appropriate hallway behaviour when traveling in a group, but also briefly explores how to behave when in the halls alone, such as going to the washroom or to the main office.

As educators, you know that at times, kids often find themselves clueless, doing certain things that are potentially unsafe, disrespectful and inappropriate when they are in the school hallways.

Lesson Plan

With the carefully illustrated diagrams and different exciting lessons contained in this guide, kids are provided with a fun and easy way to learn of the importance of good hallway behaviors and the reasons behind why some inappropriate school hallway behaviors are considered totally unsafe and irresponsible.

Here is a sample from the guide:

The teacher asks students: What does it mean to be respectful in the hallways? Being respectful means to show others that you careabout their well-being (e.g. quiet voices that don’t disturb other classes, keeping our hands and feet to ourselves, holding doors forstudents and teachers.)

3- Split students into small groups. Provide each group with a large piece of paper with the heading, Positive Hallway Behaviour in the middle. Each student will require markers. Provide students with 5-10 minutes to brainstorm examples of positive hallway behaviour. Encourage students to record all of their answers. The goal is to record as many ideas as possible.

The worksheet are a fun and intuitive way for kids to quickly learn the correct school hallway behaviors and the consequences of the common inappropriate ones.

School Safety Worksheet

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Includes the Bonus story, the School Hallway is Much Better!

The school story

Please note, as this booklet was written and published in Canada, Canadian spelling is used in the guide/lesson plan (e.g. behaviour). However, there are two sets of worksheets, one for Canadian and U.K. customers and the other adapted for USA; therefore this should not effect your ability to deliver this to kids in the USA. Typically, my booklets accommodate American spelling, with the exception of this one- I stayed Canadian! :-D

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