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Lesson Plan and Worksheets on Gratitude

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How to Teach Gratitude, Honesty, Integrity and Appreciation to Children


Gratitude, Honesty.

  • Grades: 1-6
  • Duration: One class- About 20-40 minutes
  • Type: Kids' Magazine/Lesson Plan/Worksheets/Answer keys
  • Format: PDF.
  • Size: 19 Pages.

Some concepts are difficult to covey to children. Gratitude, appreciation, honesty and integrity fall into that category. Trax4Life Media has developed a new product called "Let's Talk About Gratitude" that teachers and parents can use to instill these endearing qualities in the children under their care.

This educational kid's magazine tells the story of a man who lost something valuable and the hero who had the integrity to returned it. Every aspect is explored from the viewpoint of each man.

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